large scale kitchens discharge sizable amount of grease which eventually accumulate in the exhaust duct network, blowers and fans causing a hidden combustion load which may result in a major fire.
more-over a contaminated extraction system will emit grease particles and odour in to the air causing air pollution and producing unhygienic backlash and leaks. also, as layers of oil and grease are deposited the integrity and efficiency of the extraction system compromised.
our hygiene technicians provide a professional service in accordance the international standard that through cleaning of hoods and all horizontal and vertical duct .







Kitchen hood exhaust systems continue to feature prominently in commercial building fire events. Fire statistics from Australia, the UK and the US show that fires in restaurants predominately occur in kitchens. The ignition of cooking materials make up almost half of commercial kitchen fires and 90 percent get into the kitchen exhaust system. Grease, dust and oil from cooking activities will build up in kitchen exhaust system if it is not regularly maintained with thorough kitchen exhaust cleaning, creating odor problems as well as a fire risk. It only takes 1/12 inches or 2 mm of grease build-up to burn down a kitchen exhaust system.


A grease fire can burn through a typical fast food style restaurant in as little as 5 minutes. When kitchen grease filters are full of grease, it is transferred to the kitchen hood and released into the gutter for cleaning out. When too much grease is in the kitchen hood, it can travel up the duct and spill out creating an environment issue and fire risk. Many restaurants never re-open after suffering a fire loss and insurance policies may exclude claims related to uncleaned or grease-laden exhaust ducts. When a restaurant is located in a larger building or complex, such as a Hotel, Hospital or Shopping Centre, Airport or Multi-storey complex the risk increases exponentially. A fire in a kitchen exhaust system in Heathrow Airport shut down three terminals, delayed or canceled hundreds of flights and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in losses that far exceeded the physical damage bill. That fire spread through 200m of exhaust duct-work to a plant room before it was extinguished.


Our standards incorporate that through cleaning of all horizontal and vertical ducts, hoods, fan and it’s housing to less than 50 microns (bare metal)

Our method varies from using a rotating hot water and/or H.P. steam nozzle with cylindrical brushes or manual method, which may incorporate the installing of access panel and hygiene technician to up sail through the vertical ducts.


Our hygiene technicians provide professional services in accordance to local and international standard which stipulate that the entire system shall be cleaned to bare metal.


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